You have found the New American Dream Info Network. This family of sites is a showcase for author Mike Palecek, recently moved from Iowa to Minnesota and writing up a storm as usual.

Mike’s books will each have their own micro-site here, with information about the story, the circumstances surrounding the writing, reviews, and other related material.

Mike’s email newsletters will be in an archive at newsletters.newamericandream.info

Mike’s books can be purchased at store.newamericandream.info

Comments will be welcome at many of the sites.

This site may eventually supersede thebooks.newamericandream.net but for now both will be available.

Thanks for stopping by.

  • Roy Applegate

    Every time I’d drive through Sheldon I’d say to myself, “Mike lives here.” I’ll miss knowing you’re around, man.

    All the best, up there in Duluth.

    Roy Applegate
    Spencer, IA

  • Lfalour

    It won’t play in France, and I wanted to hear Bill. Best to you!

  • VolodyA! V Anarhist

    Doesn’t play here

  • Looking forward to be on your show! You have had a good group of guests and totally agree with your perspective!

  • No hearie in Canada today (June 30, 2011) Happy Fourth Muricans’! Blow summfin’ up fer Jebus

  • Thomas

    In your radio show archives, I recommend you state the topic as well as the guests.

    Unless I know the topic of a past show, how can I know if I’d be interested in downloading and listening to it?

  • Tiggersean

    Don’t see the listenlive button

  • Carl Caswell

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    • Norma

      If you knew how to spell I might take this seriously.

      • Melthore

        Yes they did not do themselves any favors!

  • Chookeh45

    Where is the “listen live” link? I can’t find it.

  • Chookeh45

    Is Sherwood Ross going to be on today?

  • Dolores Curry

    Have heard that Sherwood Ross is a sometimes guest.  I thought it was on a Thursday night…cannot find him.  Any suggestions?

    • Anonymous

      Sherwood’s column runs on the first show of every month, i.e. the first Thursday of each month. If you browse the shows via the fullshowlist page you will see the names of guests.

      Would you be interesting in purchasing a cd with all Sherwood’s columns? We’re considering the compilation of such colloections, and want to know if there is listener interest. There would be a nominal fee, just enough to cover some expenses.

  • J.

    George Carlin: “…for the American Dream you have to sleep to believe it”

  • This sounds really good.  I’ll listen to it.